Everything You Need to Know About Acid Neutralizers

Is your home’s water supply acidic? If you are concerned about the negative effects of acidic water on your home and health you should invest in an acid neutralizer for your home. How can you select the right one? Acid Neutralizer 101 Acid neutralizers are the best way to correct a low pH in your home’s water supply. If you have copper pipes acidic water will lead to bluish-green stains on your bathtub and sink. Over time acidic water will create pinhole leaks in the pipes and degrade the copper. Acid neutralizers can correct the water’s pH and stop the problem before it gets worse. When choosing an acid neutralizer for your home you should keep in mind the following:

  • Homes with 1-2 people or 1 bathroom: 1.0 cubic foot neutralizers
  • Homes with 1-4 people or 1-3 bathrooms: 1.5 cubic foot neutralizers
  • Homes with more than 4 people or that use a great deal of water: 2.5 cubic foot neutralizers
Non-Backwashing Acid Neutralizers Non-backwashing acid neutralizers are a convenient way to get around the need for regular backwashing. These systems are also called upflow systems because the water flows through a center tube and up through a media bed every time you use your home’s water. Non-backwashing systems waste less water and electricity because they do not need to complete the extensive cycle once every week. Non-backwashing models also do not have any need for a drain line. Our Non-Backwashing Neutralizers Manual and Automatic Backwashing Acid Neutralizers Manual and automatic backwash acid neutralizers are appropriate for homes with high iron levels or heavy sediment in the water supply. Backwashing neutralizers work just as well but they do require a 100-200 gallon flush once a week depending on the exact system that you purchase. Manual neutralizers require you to complete the entire backwash process on your own while the automatic versions will take care of it for you. Our Manual & Automatic Neutralizers Protect Your Family with Help from Mid-Atlantic Water If you are ready to finally balance the water’s pH at your home or business give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810. We can guide you through the process of choosing the right acid neutralizer for your needs your budget and your water supply. Thanks to our wealth of experience we have matched thousands of customers with the right neutralizer for them! You can rely on Mid-Atlantic Water.

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