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blog_detailsI've been in the water business for 20 years now the first 3 years I managed the local Eco Water dealership turned it into the largest dealer of 125 on the east coast. I left in 1997 and opened what is now Mid Atlantic Water and every year since then we have grown. The reason for the success with both companies as a manager and owner is great customer service and technical support. The reason for this post is a few days ago I was looking at some of my competitors web sites and I noticed one in particular who offers expert technical support which made me curious so I called them and asked if they do installations the person on the phone told me they have never done installations so if they have never performed an actual installation how can a company offer expet technical support to a homeowner. I personally have installed hundreds of water treatment systems. well tanks. well pumps. hot water heaters etc and serviced every major brand in the industry. I have come to find that the majority of online water treatment companies are just selling equipment without ever having performed an installation or service call. On a daily basis I will ask customers why they purchased a system from us their response is you were the most knowledgable when it came to the equipment and the installation and they felt comfortable purchasing a water sytem from Mid Atlantic Water. 97% of the Homeowners that call us make a purchase because of the knowledge and expertise we provide to them. The number you call is my cell phone number I take calls from 8am-6pm Monday-Sunday you can text or email anytime you want 24/7/365 and I will respond. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call text or email me at 800-460-5810/ Look for my next post on warranties the real truth.

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