Customer Review 2/20/2015

cg2 installAfter having some plumbing failures from acidic well water I did some research and found contradictory information and astronomical prices. I came across Mid Atlantic Water and found them very helpful and responsive knowledgable and encouraging. In my disbelief over their great prices I called several well known reputable well service providers who recommended the exact same solution for 3 times the price One well service company actually told me I should purchase from from Mid Atlantic Water and install it myself to save me from wasting $3k. I came right back to Mid Atlantic Water I purchased a replacement water pressure tank acid neutralizer and water softener. I installed the water pressure tank myself I ran out of time to complete the installation of the acid neutralizer and water softener system and hired a local professional plumber to finish the installation. After 5 minutes of introduction the plumber started spouting contradictory information about the setup that didn't make sense compared to my research. I called Mid Atlantic Water who responded immediately and confirmed my suspicions. I told the plumber to leave. Mid Atlantic Water recommended another plumber who came right out and completed the installation at a rock bottom price and did great work. I'm very pleased with the quality of of equipment customer service and installation. All for prices that were a third of the cost of any other provider. I absolutely recommend Mid Atlantic Waterto anyone looking for quality water treatment equipmentat a great price without all the hassle fear tactics and bloated prices. Chris G Sykesville MD

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