Customer Review 12/30/2014

blog_detailsI recently purchased a new home and for the first time must depend on well water. My wife and I are very consciuos of what we consume so we had a water analysis performed and the result was poor quality. We had hard acidic water that was full of iron and tasted funny. Although there were a plethora of solutions available with a quick web search I found it very frustrating to see so many options for filtration and conditioning without a concise source that would compare and contrast them. I emailed a handful of distributors with limited response and value. Mid Atlantic Water on the other handresponded almost immediatly with incredibly helpful information. We were able to quickly design a solution to meet my needs. More importantly Mid Atlantic Water provided me with all the information i need to feel confident in the solution. After mapping my conditioning needs to hardware I shopped around for the best prices and found myself right back at Mid Atlantic Water placing my order. They ended up being the most competitive with the added convenience of a one stop shop. The system was delivered promptly as promised. I found my experience with Mid Atlantic Water to be very satisfying. I will continue to rely on them for all future water conditioning needs. Brian F. Eldersburg MD 12/30/2014

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