blog_detailsI know the shower pressure when you live on well water is not the greatest but there is a solution. There are 2 very effective ways to increase your well pressure using your existing well pump and pressure tank. 1. Well X Trol constant pressure well tank. this well tank has all the electronics and plumbing on top it comes from amtrol fully assembled and ready for installation. it works with your existing 2 0r 3 wire pump and replaces your existing well tank. we sell and install alot of the wx1 250's and customers are extremely pleased with the performance and the price. 2. subdrive 2 W constant pressure system by Franklin. This system utilizes your existing well pump and your existing pressure tank very simple to install your replace your existing pressure switch with a sensor mount the electronics on the wall wire it up and adjust the air pressure in your existing well tank and your done. We have these in stock call for pricing. if you have any questions please call us at 800-460-5810.

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