Clear Water Iron.

blog_detailsThe most common type of iron found in wells is clear water iron or iron in solution. Low levels usually cause staing in the toilets which can be hard to clean higher level 1PPM or greater will stain your laundry tub shower sidewalks siding and basically everything your water supply comes in contact with. Best treatment solution the Water Softener not only does it remove iron it removes hardwater manganese radium and lead. When sizing a water softener for iron clear water iron remember 1ppm of iron equals 5 grains of hardness per gallon of water you will also want to check your ph level if your ph is below 7 you will need to install an acid neutralizer before the water softener to bring the ph to neutral Also you will need to factor in your raw water hardness in addition to the iron level so if you have a raw water hardness of 5 grains per gallon and 10 parts per million of iron that would be a total of 55 grains so you would need at least a 65 000 grain capacity water softener i would recommend an 80 000 grain softener which would be more efficient. Our Fleck 9100SXT dual tank softener would be the best choice. Now if you don't want to use a water softener there are iron filters available such as our Eliminator for Iron it does not use salt and can remove up to 7PPm of iron and 4PPm of sulfur. if you have any questions or need help with choosing the proper unit please do not hesitate to call me i'm available 8am-8pm Monday thru sunday. Aidan Owner Mid Atlantic Water 800-460-5810

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