blog_detailsI was recently in a home on Marylands Eastern shore the homeowner had called and asked us to come out and access the system he had in place which was not working and what we would recommend to fix his water. Just to give you some history this house had low Ph high iron and sulfur odor. A local company had installed a chemical feed system using soda ash to raise the Ph chlorine to eliminate the sulfur odor and a twin tank softener to remove the iron. Now heres the problem when you inject chlorine into water with high iron levels it precipitates it out from iron in solution to solid form this would normally be followed by a filter to trap the precipitated iron not a water softener the softener should be after the filter. A water softener is used to remove iron in solution hard water and manganese precipitated iron will only clog the softener and the chlorinated water can shorten the life of the softener resin. I recommended a 13x54 Fleck 7000SXT acid neutralizer Nitro system for iron and sulfur and a Fleck 5600SXT water softener. The neutralizer will raise the Ph and knock down some of the iron the Nitro system will remove the bulk of the iron and the sulfur odor and the water softener will remove any residual iron in solution and hard water this system will work we guarantee it. Always make sure the system your buying is designed for your water. If you have any questions or need help in choosing the right system for your home call me Im always available. Aidan Mid Atlantic Water 888 299 7479 8am 8 pm

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