Chlorine Removal Using Whole House Carbon Systems

For decades now chlorine has been utilized to treat water before consumption by getting rid of any waterborne diseases and pathogens. It’s easy to use inexpensive to purchase and reliable. However some homeowners concerned about the negative impacts of chlorine in water might want to invest in a whole house carbon system.

When Can Chlorine Be a Bad Thing?

Whenever chlorine is used to treat water it will combine with the organic matter already present in water to create Trihalomethanes (THMs) which are toxic when ingested inhaled or applied. The Environmental Protection Agency came to the conclusion that there is some evidence that supports a link between chronic exposure to high levels of THMs and bladder colon and rectal cancers. Other studies have shown that chlorine in tap water is dangerous for pregnant women. While keeping your water clean is important high levels of chlorine might not be the best way to do so.

Removing Chlorine from Your Water Supply

Carbon filters will absorb chlorine from your water without affecting the taste or color of your water. Carbon can remove the taste odor organic compounds and chlorine from your water so that the final result is clean healthy and filtered. A non-backwashing carbon filter will keep the water throughout your entire home free from excess chlorine.

Whole house carbon filtration systems do not need maintenance outside of an annual filter change. They can absorb both small and large amounts of chlorine from your water. Mid-Atlantic Water offers multiple whole house carbon filters designed to meet your budget and your capacity needs. These easy-to-use tanks don’t need drains or electrical connections to get the job done. Beyond removing chlorine these filters will also take out VOCs taste odor chloramines and Hydrogen Sulfide from your water.

Whole House Carbon Filter Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water

If you are ready to upgrade the carbon filtration systems you use in your home or business give Mid-Atlantic Water a call today at 800-460-5810.

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