Chlorinated Water is Bad For You

For decades municipalities have used chlorine to kill bacteria and typhoid in public drinking water supplies across the United States and why because it is cheap and effective. But what they don't tell you is how bad it is to drink chlorinated water bath in chlorinated water and swim in chlorinated water. Most people don't know that chlorinated water when consumed and chlorine vapors you breathe in when you shower cause harm to your body. I bet you didn't know chlorine in your body causes scarring on your artery walls which makes them rough and allows plaque to get trapped and build up over time yes it is shocking. we in the water treatment industry have always known chlorinated water was bad for human consumption but until recently the artery issue was a fact even I didn't know about. If you live on a chlorinated water supply install a whole house filter to remove chlorine such as a carbon filter and water softener water softeners not only remove hard water but a water softener can remove heavy metals such as lead and can also remove radium. Alot of our customers in the Washington DC area know the water is bad and order a whole house carbon tank and a UV system(kilss bacteria)nonbackwahcarbon10x54 which will give you extremely safe water to drink and bath in. if you have questions call text or email me and I will be glad to help you. 800-460-5810

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