Buying a New Home? Here's What You Need to Know About Your Water

Understanding Your Home's Water: Essential First Steps for New Homeowners

When you purchase a new home, understanding the quality of your water supply is crucial. This guide will help you discern whether your home uses city or well water, identify common water issues, and take the right steps to ensure your water is safe and healthy.


City Water vs. Well Water: Knowing Your Source

The first step is to determine whether your home is supplied by city water or well water. City water is treated and supplied by a municipal provider, while well water is drawn directly from a private well on your property. You can usually find this information in your home's utility records or by contacting your local municipality.


Common Issues with City and Well Water

Both city and well water have their unique challenges. City water, although treated, can contain chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals that might affect taste and quality. Well water, being unregulated, can have issues with hardness, pH imbalance, or contamination from iron, sulfur, and bacteria.

Testing Your Home's Water

To accurately assess your water quality, you can use a home testing kit available at hardware stores or online. These kits can test for various contaminants like lead, bacteria, pH levels, and hardness. For a more comprehensive analysis, consider hiring a state-certified water lab. This will give you a detailed report on your water's composition. You can search for a state certified lab in your local area and contact them to schedule an appointment.

Why Testing Your Water Is Essential

Knowing what's in your water is vital for several reasons. It helps you understand any health risks associated with your water supply and guides you in choosing the right water treatment solutions. Whether you need a water softener, a carbon filter, or a more advanced treatment system, accurate testing is the first step towards ensuring safe and clean water in your home.


As a new homeowner, taking charge of your water quality is an important responsibility. By identifying your water source, understanding common issues, and conducting proper water testing, you can ensure that your household enjoys safe, clean, and healthy water. Remember, the right water treatment starts with accurate knowledge of what you're dealing with.

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