The Basics of UV Filtration

One of the latest trends in water filtration is ultraviolet (UV) filtration. This water purification method is getting more popular every day and it could be a great addition to your home.

What Are the Benefits of UV Filtration?

Ultraviolent water filtration systems are a new way to exceed water quality standards in your home. UV filtration systems destroy an amazing 99.9% of microorganisms in water. Because it has no byproducts after it is done disinfecting things it’s a green alternative to other types of water filtration systems. It will work 24/7 without needing to monitor it and will only need yearly service to ensure it is working properly. Customers never need to worry about disposing of dirty filters or handling chemicals making it safer for families with young children or pets. UV filtration is also a very quick process so you don’t need to wait for long periods for water to come out.

How Does UV Filtration Work?

UV filtration works by using special ultraviolet lamps that can disrupt or damage the DNA of microorganisms. When water goes through your ultraviolet purification system the UV light will kill the microorganisms and eliminate them from the water. As a result 99.99% of microorganisms will be destroyed and your water will be safe to drink without adding any chemicals. UV filtration removes viruses salmonella E.coli typhoid fever cholera bacteria coliform and meningitis-carrying microorganisms from water.

Is UV Filtration Safe?

Most people know that ultraviolet light is a negative thing outdoors and the reason why we wear sunscreen. However the ultraviolet rays inside of your UV water filtration system are completely safe. The exposure to the rays happens in a closed container so there is no risk of UV exposure to those around the filter or those drinking the water.

Ultraviolet Water Filtration System Installation and Maintenance from Mid-Atlantic Water

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