An Older Home's Biggest Threat: Acidic Water

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Acidic Water in Older Homes with Copper Plumbing: Risks and Solutions

Older homes with well water and copper plumbing are uniquely susceptible to the risks posed by acidic water. This scenario, quite common in many residences, can lead to a range of problems, from health concerns to plumbing damages. But what causes this issue, and how can homeowners effectively tackle it? This article delves into the heart of the problem and presents a reliable solution: the acid neutralizer.

The Problem: Acidic Water in Older Homes

Acidic water, with a low pH level, can be particularly harmful when combined with copper plumbing, a common feature in older homes. Over time, this acidic water can corrode metal pipes, leading to the leaching of harmful metals like copper and lead into the water supply. This not only deteriorates the quality of your drinking water but also poses significant health risks.

The Cause: A Perfect Storm of Factors

The issue often stems from a combination of factors: an older home with metal pipes, a well water supply, and water acidity. The acidity in water can be due to various reasons, including natural soil composition or the presence of certain bacteria. The result is a corrosive environment within your plumbing system, putting your health and home at risk.

The Solution: Implementing an Acid Neutralizer

An acid neutralizer is an effective solution to this problem. It works by increasing the pH level of your water, making it less acidic. This process not only stops the corrosion of pipes but also prevents the leaching of harmful metals into your water supply.

How Acid Neutralizers Work

These systems typically use calcite, a natural mineral, to raise the pH level of the water. As acidic water flows through the neutralizer, it comes into contact with the calcite, which dissolves and neutralizes the acidity. This process effectively balances the pH level, rendering the water safer for consumption and less corrosive to your plumbing. If you'd like a more in depth look at how acid neutralizer's work, this article covers a more thorough breakdown.

Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

  • Health Protection: By neutralizing acidity, these systems reduce the risk of harmful metals in your drinking water, safeguarding your family's health.
  • Home Preservation: Acid neutralizers protect your plumbing from corrosion, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Financial Savings: By extending the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances, acid neutralizers save you money in the long run.

What Should You Do?

For homeowners residing in older properties with copper plumbing and well water, an acid neutralizer is not just a recommended addition—it's a necessity for a safe and healthy living environment. By neutralizing the acidity in your water, these systems play a critical role in protecting your health, preserving your home's integrity, and saving you money over time.


The acid neutralizer we recommend the most is the Clack Vortech Non Backwashing Acid Neutralizer. This system has left countless customers happy and problem free. It's easy to install and maintain, cost effective, and very efficient at raising the pH in your water supply.

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