Acid Water

12x52You may be curious as to why your water is acididc. Here's why pollutants we create go high into the atmosphere and when it rains some of these pollutants are quickly dissolved and absorbed by the rain water which falls to the ground. Now unless there are soft rock formations such as limestone that the rain water can pass thru in the ground it will remain acidic. Throughout the United States there are aquifers that contain acidic water which we tap into for our home water supplies and unfortunately the acidic water is corrosive and affects our plumbing water using appliances and bathroom fixtures. There are two ways to treat acid water one way and the best way is an acid neutralizer tank. The acid neutralizer tank is available in different sizes depending on the Ph level of your water. An acid neutralizer is the only natural way to raise the Ph in your water supply without using chemicals. Acid neutralizers are very cost efficient and easy to maintain. The other method to raise Ph is a chemical injection system the chemical injection system uses a liquid mixture which is injected into your water supply when the pump is activated. This system needs to be maintained on a monthly basis by the homeowner where as the the acid neutralizer tank only requires maintenance every 12-18 months.

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