Acid Neutralizer/Water Softener Combo Packages

deluxecombo-308x320 In the 20 years that I have been in the water treatment business I have tried sold and serviced just about every brand of water filtration system in the industry. Here's the thing I always came back to the Fleck and the Clack systems. They are without a doubt the best equipment we have ever used. As far as media tanks go the Enpress Vortech has been my favorite with structural brand coming in second. We have the manufacturer add features and options that make the units we sell complete for the consumer. Most Homeowners that purchase an acid neutralizer will more than likely need a water softener as well so what we did to make things easier for the end user is put these two treatment systems together into a complete package. For instance our non backwashing acid neutralizer/water softener combo deluxe package comes with calcite softener resin pre filter non backwashing acid neutralizer and water softener in the capacity of your choice. We include an upgraded salt tank with salt platform in the bottom safety float auto shutoff so the salt tank won't overflow when refilling itself after regeneration. Both units come with their own bypass valve so you can bypass each unit individually. The non backwashing or upflow acid neutralizer comes with and upper distributor basket the easily attaches to the control valve this basket keeps the calcite media from escaping the tank you do not want that to happen. Our units are of the highest quality from Fleck Clack and Enpress our expertise in the industry is unriveled. We designed these packages to make purchasing a water system as easy as possible. If you have any questions please call or text me at 800-460-5810 or email me at

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