Acid Neutralizer Backwashing VS Non Backwashing Part III

13x54-package Acid Neutralizer Backwashing VS Non-backwashing A woman called me a few days ago asking about acid neutralizers. I asked her the typical questions: what is your PH level what is the hardness level do you have iron in your water etc. The ph was 5.0 very little hardness and no iron. I recommended the 2.5 cubic foot non-backwashing acid neutralizer with the pre-sediment filter and explained to her how it works. And she says everyone else she talks to recommended a backwashing system. WRONG. Here's the thing most companies that sell online have never installed or serviced an acid neutralizer never they have a crash course on water treatment that says your WQA certified and their reading answers from a computer screen. I've called the competition and know this first hand. Acid neutralizers all work the same way in raising the PH level of water - water passes thru the tank and becomes neutral. Backwashing acid neutralizers go thru a backwash cycle 1 or more times a week which uses 100-200 gallons of water depending upon the size tank you have and these are considered downflow units. Non-backwashing acid neutralizer or upflow system acid neutralizer don't need to backwash the water goes down thru the center tube and up thru the media bed every time you use water as if it were in a backwash cycle keeping the media bed loose and channel free. Also this does not waste any water electricity and is very simple to install just an inlet and an outlet and no backwash drainline required which is the difficult part of the installation. Which one would you want? We do sell and install the backwashing acid neutralizer but only when there is high iron or heavy sediment in the water supply. Other than that if your water is iron free the upflow is the way to go. We've never encountered problems with the upflow - no moving parts no drain line or electric needed. Pretty much not a whole lot can go wrong with the upflow acid neutralizer. Contact Mid Atlantic Water if you have questions: 800 460 5810

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