Acid Neutralizers 101

If your home’s water supply is acidic it’s doing damage to the health of your pipes and the health of your family every day. Acid neutralizers from Mid-Atlantic Water can correct this dangerous problem before it’s too late.

What Are Acid Neutralizers?

Acid neutralizers are an economically-friendly way to boost a low PH in your household water. If the pH of your water is lower than a 7 it is considered to be acidic. The lower that the pH is the more acidic that your water is.

How Does Water Become Acidic?

Acidic water occurs as a result of many different environmental events including acid rain the composition of the bedrock outside of your home industrial drainage chemical pollution plant decomposition flooding or major weather events.

Do You Need an Acid Neutralizer?

If you have copper pipes the biggest sign of acidic water is a blue or green stain in your bathtub or sink after using the water. If you have iron pipes red rust staining will be left behind on your pipes or sink bowls. Over time depending on how acidic the water is acidic water can do permanent damage to your pipes and form pinhole leaks. Even more concerning acidic water can make toxic metals enter your water supply from your pipes. These metals include copper lead zinc iron and manganese. Another sign that your water might be too acidic is a metallic or sour taste before filtering.

Which Acid Neutralizer Is Right for My Home?

There are three types of acid neutralizers available on the market: back-washing non-back-washing and chemical feed systems. Both back-washing and non-back-washing acid neutralizers work by allowing acidic water to pass through a large vessel. Back-washing acid neutralizers are designed with a valve on top to control the cycle and need an electric hook-up and a drain line for discharge. Non-back-washing acid neutralizers also have a valve but don’t need any electricity to function. Chemical feed systems consist of a large container with a small electrical pump on top. The container is filled with a mixture of water and soda ash. Every time your well pump activates the electrical pump adds the solution into the water supply. You need to complete monthly maintenance to ensure that the mixture is properly filled and working.

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