blog_detailsOften homeowners will make the mistake of buying an Acid Neutralizer that is undersized for their home. When purchasing any type of water system always take into account the number of people living in your home children who will become teenagers who from my own experience will use an enormous amount of water showering and doing laundry. Also is there more than one fixture being used at the same time such as bathrooms in the morning if so you need an Acid Neutralizer with enough capacity and flow rates to keep up with the usage the same goes for Water Softeners and other whole house filters. For the majority of households in the US the 2.5 cubic foot capacity Acid Neutralizer is the overall best choice whether it's 2 people living in the house or 8 people living in the house it will get the job done and only need service every 12-18 months. Backwashing or non backwashing. If your water is iron free the non backwashing Acid Neutralizer is the way to go no moving parts no backwash no electrical hookup needed and most importantly less expensive. Backwashing if you have iron of 0.5 parts per million or higher you will need a backwashing Acid Neutralizer. The calcite media bed will need to be rinsed every few days in order to eliminate iron buildup. We sell both types of Acid Neutralizers backwashing and non backwashing acid neutralizers in the 2.5 cubic foot size (13x54 tank size). If you have any questions or need help in sizing the right system for your home please call us at 800-460-5810 Monday - Sunday 8am-8pm. Thank You Mid Atlantic Water

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