Acid Neutralizer System Benefits

12x52-7000Alot of people don't understand the true need for and Acid Neutralizer until it's to late. What I mean is most homeowners on well water know it's acidic but they don't want to spend the money fixing the problem oh I'll do it next year " It's cost to much" and then a pipe or the hot water springs a leak and causes thousands in water damage i've been dealing with for the 20 years I've been in the water treatment industry. eliminating the effects od acid water are simple and will save you money down the road. THE TRUE BENEFITS OF ACID WATER Raises water PH to a safe limit Eliminates corrosion of plumbing and water using appliances Reduces lead in your water supply due to old copper pipes joined with lead solder. Makes your water safe to drink No chemicals to mix or maintain Available with a backwashing or non backwashing valve Low maintence. Naturally raises your PH level without the use of harsh chemicals Easy to install and maintain. Cost effective. Please if you have questions about an acid neutralizer or any other type of water treatment system please give us a call. Mid Atlantic Water 800-460-5810

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