blog_detailsCalcite Georgia Marble Oyster shells etc I've seen different types of media used in acid neutralizer tanks over the years and there is really only one that you should be using and thats calcite. It's a natural clean and economical way to raise your PH without using chemicals there are also additives like flomag that help give calcite a boost in raising Ph levels in your water supply we recommend an 80% calcite 20% flowmag mixture if you decide your going to use flomag you want to keep your PH in the low 7's. When you get up around 8 or above it becomes alkaline. Calcite is available at most plumbing supply stores and some seed and feed stores. prices can range from 10 to 45.00 per 50lb bag. Some plumbing supply stores sell the calcite/flowmag premixed in buckets which makes it easy if your doing the maintenance yourself. If you have any questions about water filtration please do not hesitate to give me a call at 888 299 7479 I'll be glad to help. Aidan Owner Mid Atlantic Water

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  • I have a PH of 5.1 & a local company is telling me that regular Calcite will not do the job that to get the PH close to where it should be I would need to use Georgia Marble or use a soda ash feed pump which I really do not want to use is that correct?? And what is flowmag & how much will it raise the PH? Thanks

    Steven Rice

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