Acid Neutralizer Gravel Bed vs Vortech

The Gravel bedded acid neutralizer with calcite has always been a staple throughout the water treatment industry.  The vortech plated tank is a newer technology that is starting to gain ground. Both the the gravel bedded acid neutralizer and the vortech acid acid neutralizer work the same way in raising the ph level of your household water supply.  Water passes through the calcite media bed and becomes neutral.  Both can be installed as an upflow or downflow configuration.  Both units basically have the same flow rates.  The only real difference between the two as far as performance is the vortech tank does a better job as an upflow system because the water flow is moved in a circular motion up through the calcite media bed allowing for greater contact time. Both units cost the same and include the same features.  The gravel bedded tank is still the most widely used in the industry by about 70%.  So regardless of which type you choose Mid Atlantic Water sells both either unit will solve your acidic water problem. If you need assistance in choosing the correct water system for your home or business plesae contact us at 800-560-5810

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