Sodium From Water Softeners

Should you be concerned about sodium from water softeners? Here is an article I found from the mayo clinic By Sheldon G Sheps M.D. Regular tap water contains very little sodium. The amount of sodium a water softener adds to tap water depends on the harness of the water. Hard water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium. Water softening systems replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. The higher the concentration of calcium and magnesium the more sodium is needed to soften the water. Even so the added sodium shouln't be an issue for most healthy adults. levels of sodium in a serving of water are very low in most water systems. In an Enviromental Protection Agency survey the majority of water systems tested had less than 50 mg of sodium per liter. Based on this data a fourth of a liter (about an 8 ounce glass) of water would contain less than 12.5 mg of sodium which falls under the Food and Drug Admininstration's definition of very low sodium. However if you're on a very low sodium diet and you're concerned about the amount of sodium in softened water you may want to consider using potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride. In any case it is important to keep in mind that the majority of sodium in an average persons diet comes from table salt and processed foods. thus the best wat way to decrease sodium in your diet is by putting away the saltshaker and cutting back on processed foods. I posted this article to help customers better understand that a water softener does not impart alot of sodium into your drinking water. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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