Iron Filter/Water Softener Can They Both Do The Same Thing?

2510 specialI was recently reading some information about iron filters on a competitors website and they are telling people you can't use a water softener to remove iron WRONG. Water treatment professionals who know what their doing have been using water softeners to remove clear water iron for decades. I've personally installed water softeners on wells with 10 parts per million of claear water iron with 100% removal. Now you do need to know what your doing and certain factors in the water chemistry have to be right but other than that treating and removing iron from most household water supplies is pretty simple. You need to be careful when dealing with online water filtration suppliers most of them have never installed or serviced a water system so make sure you question their experience in this industry before making a purchase. Water softeners. can remove hardness iron manganese radium lead and other heavy metals. Iron filters on the other hand can typically only remove iron and some need to to use chemicals to regenerate the media those I don't sell and do not recommend. We sell the AIO iron and sulfur filters they do an excellent job don't need chemicals and have little maintenance. One competitors site said soft water is unfit for human consumption WRONG Water softeners use salt or potassium to regenerate the resin bed resin being the tiny round beads inside the media tank the salt is rinsed from the media before it goes back into operation so a water softener adds about as much salt to a gallon of water as you would find in 2 slices of white bread. So if you think you have iron in your water supply get it tested by a local lab have them check the PH Hardness and Iron level before you contact a water treatment professional it will save you time and headaches. if you have questions or need assistance in choosing the proper system for your home or business call text or email me at 800-460-5810 or

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