Fleck 7000SXT Acid Neutralizer

13x54-7000If you absolutely have to use a backwashing acid neutralizer the Fleck 7000SXT digital controlled unit is the way to go. It has a powerful backwash cycle so if you have iron or heavy sediment in addition to acid water the Fleck 7000SXT will get the job done and keep the media bed clean. Specifications: Available in 10x54 12x52 and 13x54 tank sizes Powerful Fleck 7000SXT electronic control valve with 1 inch connections easily reduced to 3/4 if needed Vortech Flow system uses less water to backwash and no gravel bedding needed Large fillport for easy maintenace Bypass valve included User friendly electronics Eliminates corrosion of plumbing and water using appliances Calcite media included Free shipping on all orders 10 year manufacturers warranty on tank 5 year manufacturers warranty on control valve Questions call 800 460 5810 text 800-460-5810 email info@midatlanticwater.net

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