blog_detailsYou know how many times Homeowners have called me complaining the water system they bought from company A is not working right and they have no idea what to do two many to count. The best advice I can give is go big I've been in to many Homes where the homeowner purchased to small of a system and it can't keep up with their water usage and the water is still acidic or has iron in it or it's hard. If you buy an acid neutralizer don't install anything smaller than a 10x54 we never install anything smaller than a 13x54 which gives you plenty of contact time during peak water usage and only requires service every 12 to 18 months. Same with water softeners go to the next size up from what you need that way you have greater capacity it will backwash less and use much less salt and water. Remember when a system backwashes it takes alot of water from your well and puts it into your septic system going bigger will help eliminate that. if you have questions or need help in choosing the right system call me I'm always available. Aidan Mid Atlantic Water 888 299 7479

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