Acid Neutralizer Calcite/Flomag Packages

Acid Neutralizer Calcite/Flomag Packages Mid Atlantic Water now has acid neutralizer packages that include a 50lb bag of Flomag (corosex) which are listed as calcite/flomag packages Flomag needs to be mixed with calcite media for ph levels below 5.5. We have successfully treated ph levels as low as 4.0 for local customers here in Maryland. If your planning on purchasing an acid neutralizer system it's a good idea to test your ph level before placing an order. Home test kits are available at Lowe's and Home Depot and are accurate. Calcite or calcite mixed with Flomag is the safest and most effective way to raise your ph level without using chemicals and requires very little annual maintenance. The 50lb bag of Flomag will last 2-4 years on average. You typically use a 90/10 ratio 90% calcite and 10% Flomag. Smaller acid neutralizers may require an 8/20 ratio. Mid Atlantic Water offers Tech Support Monday - Sunday from 8am - 6pm. if you need assistance with installation or service of your water system or help in choosing the correct system for your home please call text or email us. PHONE: 800 460 5810 EMAIL:

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